Info-plant terminal

Info-plant terminal On September 14, 2004, the National Battlefields Commission breaked new ground by launching the Info-Plant computerized terminal designed for horticulture enthusiasts. Located in the Joan of Arc garden on the Plains of Abraham, this outdoor terminal is a real open book on horticulture, giving visitors an opportunity to discover a wealth of information on the plants growing in this splendid Quebec City garden by consulting the data on-screen, free of charge, and printing the plants’ data sheets for a small cost. A bouquet of nearly 300 sheets at your fingertips, 24 hours a day.

Simple, user-friendly and fascinating, the Info-Plant terminal offers an overview of the plants grown in the Joan of Arc garden, as well as their location by sector and their typical features. An on-screen search allows you to learn the name of a plant you observed in the garden or to know more about its growing habit.

To help you grow the plant in your own garden, the terminal also offers to print the plant’s data sheet for a dollar. Available in English or French, these sheets for perennials, annuals, bulbs, shrubs and mosaic plants include a description of the plant, its growing requirements a few tips and some advice. What is the colour of the flower? Is it aromatic? What is the ideal planting time? Is it hardy? Does the plant need a place in the sun? Many questions that will receive clear and simple answers. In short, the best gardening tool for all those who are “into” horticulture.


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The information contained on this terminal is currently being updated. Please note that some of the data may not have been brought up to date yet. Thank you for your comprehension.